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Coupon Referral Program

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Features & Compatibility

The Coupon Referral Program takes your referral marketing a step ahead with coupons. It helps merchants in rolling out discount coupons for the customers on sharing referral links with friends and family.

More Splendid Features

Customizable Referral Button

This coupon referral program plugin gives convenient options to the admin for customizing the Referral button using custom CSS and/or animations.

Offer Points Instead of Coupon

The admin can enable this functionality to give points on referral purchases and sign-ups to customers rather than offering coupons.

Coupon Expiration

With this feature, the admin can set the number of days after which the discount coupon expires.

Customize the Referral Template

This feature allows the admin to customize the referral template by adding the custom email template under the Display Configuration Setting.

Coupon Usage Restrictions

The admin can restrict the use of the discount coupons to individual use to avoid clubbing multiple discounts with this feature. He can also restrict the number of times a coupon can be used.

Set The Days To Remember The Referrer

With this feature of referral system, admin can enter the number of days after which the referral program will not identify any referred users even after they visit store through a referral link.

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