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Color Prediction PHP Scripts

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Features & Compatibility

Color game is an exciting and popular predicting game that has been gaining traction in recent days. Players have three minutes to correctly predict the color of a given image, with a successful prediction leading to victory. This platform also provides users the opportunity to make money by playing this fun and engaging game. Color Game offers players an entertaining way of making money while enjoying themselves at the same time!.

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the world of colors and predictions? Look no further than ColorVision Script, the ultimate solution for creating your own captivating color prediction website. With our feature-rich and cutting-edge script, you can step into the realm of excitement, entertainment, and endless possibilities.

Key Features:

  • Seamless User Experience: ColorVision Script boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing your users to effortlessly navigate through the color prediction process. From beginners to experts, everyone can enjoy the thrill of predicting colors with ease.
  • Versatile Prediction Modes: Our script offers a diverse range of prediction modes to cater to various preferences and skill levels. Whether it’s guessing the RGB values, identifying complementary color combinations, or predicting color trends, ColorVision Script has got you covered.
  • Real-Time Color Prediction: Witness the exhilaration as your users make predictions and instantly receive accurate results in real-time. The script’s lightning-fast response ensures an immersive and dynamic experience that keeps users engaged and excited to come back for more.
  • Customization and Branding: Stand out from the crowd and make your mark with ColorVision Script’s extensive customization options. Personalize the script to match your brand’s identity, from custom color themes and logos to tailored user interfaces, providing a seamless and consistent user experience.
  • Gamification and Leaderboards: Boost user engagement and create a sense of competition with built-in gamification features. Encourage users to compete for top ranks on leaderboards, earn rewards, and unlock achievements, fostering a vibrant community of color enthusiasts.
  • Mobile-Responsive Design: Seamlessly adapt to the mobile-driven world with ColorVision Script’s responsive design. Your users can enjoy the excitement of color prediction on any device, anytime, anywhere, enhancing accessibility and expanding your potential user base.
  • Comprehensive Administration Panel: Take control of your color prediction website with an intuitive administration panel. Easily manage user accounts, track predictions, monitor performance analytics, and effortlessly maintain your platform’s functionality.
  • Reliable and Secure: Your users’ data security is our top priority. ColorVision Script is built with robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information, providing peace of mind to you and your users.

Don’t miss the opportunity to captivate your audience with the mesmerizing world of color prediction. Get started with ColorVision Script and unleash the power of color in an unforgettable way.


Admin Login
Admin can manage all registered users (edit, delete, update).
Admin can Monitor all betting records of the game.
Admin can Monitor all Deposit records of users
Admin can Manage all bank records of users provided for withdrawal.
Admin can Monitor withdrawal requests from users.
Admin can send payment to users.
Admin can update payment withdrawal requests.
Admin can Monitor withdrawal records of users.
Admin can Monitor referral records of users.
Admin can Manage wallet balance records
Admin can update slider images
Admin can update Running text.
Admin can update the rules of the game.
Admin can update the privacy policy and terms and conditions.
Admin can Monitor all profit records.

Registered User Features Mantrimall |


New users can register through the registration page.
Registered Users can log in with a valid mobile number and password.
User Can easily Forget their password after Providing Some Correct Information.
User can Update their Profile.
User Can Update their Password
Users can play color prediction games.
Users can make money through color prediction games.
User can update their bank records for withdrawal.
User can monitor their wallet.
Users can monitor all betting records.
Users can monitor all deposit records.
Users can monitor all withdrawal records.
Users can send a withdrawal request to the admin.
Users can earn money from the referral program.


Language Used in Color prediction Game Script
Front-End – HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP, JQuery, JS, and Ajax.
Back-End – PHP 7.2,7.3, MYSQL.

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